Your Frame

Your bespoke timber frame will be manufactured according to an agreed specification.

Your Frame

The specification of your bespoke timber frame is developed during the architectural and building regulations stages. You’ll change your mind from time to time, but before we press the ‘go’ button in the factory, we’ll make sure everything is agreed and understood.

For example, if you intend to include a heat recovery and ventilation system we will recommend a different type of joist system to standard joists – because it makes life easier for the workers on site. If you have decided to achieve a specific level of thermal performance, we might insulate the panels in our factory to reduce site labour. If you decide, even at the last minute, that you would like some internal oak features such as posts and beams or even a feature roof truss we’ll engineer and manufacture the frame accordingly. You might even choose to remove a wall or two – just try not to go too crazy with the changes!

Your Frame 1

You need to know…

Really, all you need to know is that your bespoke timber frame will be designed for you.