If you are an architect looking to work closely with a timber frame manufacturer, then we should talk.

We do our best to remove the barriers that you may have faced in the past. We really are different and will always behave responsibly, frankly and with the utmost respect for your work and your client.

The extent of our involvement is down to you and the nature of the project. Sometimes we are involved right from the beginning, other times we are hardly involved at all.

We will provide as much technical support and advice as you need, backed up with drawings and details where appropriate. We’ll even liaise directly with your local Building Control team if they query any aspect of the superstructure or structural joinery.

You do not need to design or draw knowing that the project will be of timber frame construction. It makes no difference to us. We just need to see plans, elevations and critical dimensions. Obviously, we will need to have further discussion regarding thermal performance or specific client demands – and the extent of these discussions will depend entirely upon the complexity of the project.

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You need to know…

We’re here to help, not to hinder.