The advantage of working with a bespoke timber frame company is that your ideas can turn into reality without compromise. When we say ‘anything is possible’, we mean it.

One thing to always bear in mind is that the design must be suitable for the site – you cannot expect a planning application to be approved just because it’s what you want or because you think you ‘need’ it. The site will dictate, to some extent, what you can and cannot have, and this is why we believe every self-builder should work with a bespoke timber frame company. There’s no point trawling through brochures and saying ‘I’ll have that one please’ when in fact it’s just not right for the site.

Our architectural designer partners will work closely with you to develop your ideas into a working concept and then into full-blown architectural plans ready for a planning application. You may have a clear picture in your mind of what you want, or you may be open to our suggestions. Or a bit of both.

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You need to know…

English Brothers Limited have a network of tried and trusted architectural professionals. Some are very local to our factory, whilst others are miles away from us, but chances are they’re much closer to you! Local knowledge is vital when it comes to working with planning authorities, and the ability to quickly respond to planning queries and site visit requests can make or break a smooth planning application, so having the design team local to your project is, in our opinion, critical.