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  • ...and precision engineering...

  • Amazing heritage...

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About Us

Bespoke timber frame houses. That’s what we do.

In other words, we’ll make a timber frame to your exact requirements. If you want curved walls, we’ll give you curved walls. If you want vaulted ceilings with exposed oak beams, we’ll make it happen. Anything is possible.

Our input to your project will depend upon the stage you’re at with it, and how much involvement you would like us to have.

If you haven’t got a plot, we know how you can find one.

If you just need advice, we can help.

We can give you access to architectural designers, planning consultants, building regulations specialists, engineers and joiners. You can chat to them directly throughout the project just by picking up the phone.

What we do

The advantage of working with a truly bespoke timber frame company (instead of a mass manufacturer) is that your ideas can turn into reality without compromise. When we say ‘anything is possible’, we mean it.

One thing to always bear in mind is that the design must be suitable for the plot – you cannot expect a planning application to be approved just because it’s what you want or because you think you ‘need’ it. The plot will dictate, to some extent, what you can and cannot have, and this is why we believe every self-builder should work with a bespoke timber frame company. There’s no point trawling through brochures and saying ‘I’ll have that one please’ when in fact it’s just not right for the site.

In any case, given the choice wouldn’t you prefer a home unique to you rather than one that’s available to anyone off the shelf?



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